Nathan Ford

Nathan Ford moved to Moscow a year ago to teach theater and Film-making at a local English school, Hinkson Christian Academy, so he is somewhat new to the Moscow theater community. As for his credentials and experience, he would say that it seems he has been acting all his life but I suppose you would have to say it all started at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky where he attended school. He caught "the acting bug" (of course) by performing in the school's Theater program and reciting bits from a classic (and British) comedy group, Monty Python.

After college he moved out to Los Angeles, where he did a few commercials, produced two short films, did a bit of Stand-Up comedy and performed/wrote with a sketch comedy troupe, Unmentionables. He also studied acting for 6 years with the Australian Institute of Dramatic Arts (LA) and with film director Paul Currie of Lightstream Pictures. After 8 years in Hollywood he was asked to work as producer/writer/actor for a web series Memorytag Madhouse which was being put together by a card company (Memorytag) in Northern California.

He worked the show for two years before moving to Moscow to be a teacher, teaching Theater and Film-making and English and tutoring English, which brings us back to the beginning and a bunch of stuff you know already...