Do you really think that finances are only a man’s business? Think again! The main characters of «Share & Share Alike» certainly don’t agree with this dusty old stereotype. The school where the girls study is in a very pitiful state: sports equipment is falling apart, the textbooks in use have been around since the reign of Queen Victoria and the students had to swim across the English channel to get to France during the school trip.

Moreover, every year the principal invites the local narcissistic banker to give a lecture at the school. During the lesson he underlines many times that women will never ever understand the complicated world of finance transactions. Besides, the only reason he is giving the lecture at an all girls school is to prepare them for marriage. After all every young lady should be able to add to the conversation.

When the level of sexism oversteps all possible limits the senior students get a brilliant idea of how to put the banker in his place. Their plan seems to be as simple as ABC, there’s no way any trouble could possibly occur!... Or is there?