MESS is a musical theater performing in English.

In September 2004 we have conducted our first auditions. First 22 members of the cast started to study in our Preparatory course programme with the best teachers from Russia and English speaking countries. In April we were able to present “Broadway Babies” - our first performance viewed by over 1500 people.

Considering the growing interest for our project we soon decided to hold annual auditions for English speaking children and adults who wanted to take part in musical performances. Сreative experimentation, the mix of genres, our own original interpretation of musical theater masterpieces - all of it became our theater’s trademark.


MESS theatre studio is a place where people come to learn.

All the acting classes and all the rehearsals are conducted in English. We try our best to teach our students to sound like native speakers.

In 2005 choreography, choir singing and individual vocal lessons were incorporated into the curriculum and in 2011 solfeggio was added as an elective.

The conclusion of MESS studio training is staging a musical in English. The students participate not only as actors, but also as costumes managers, makeup artists, props and sets managers, stagehands, promoters, and more.

In addition to helping our students develop their speech, English and acting skills, MESS theatre studio gives them a chance to exercise their business qualities, learn to work together, organize themselves and others, and bring their ideas to life.


A lot of people learning English face the same problem - a lack of practice in real live conversations.  Even people who practice at work, realize that their communication in English is reduced to a specific theme (school, business, advertising, travel etc.).

Communication in MESS theater is not limited to the curriculum topics or any business area. Here we learn to speak everyday English and to use it in different situations that usually go way beyond any kind of textbooks. Also, a lot of students see MESS theater as a recreational activity: here kids, students and adults communicate, study and recharge on positive energy, enjoying the creative process and each others company.


MESS theater is not only about long hours of rehearsals and the joy of performing on stage. It is also a club, a place where one can find friends with similar interests. Once a MESSer - always a MESSer. At the moment MESS unites over a thousand people of different age groups, that still are or have been part of the theater’s company (mainly school and university students). MESS theater also unites several thousands of theater-goers from all over the world.

We spend a lot of time together. Conducting a show is a serious and time-consuming thing. But we also continue our communication offstage. Together we attend master-classes, watch musicals, cheer for our favorites on Tony awards and even go traveling.

MESS is a unique creative team united by mad love for Broadway culture, music and performance!

Enough said! Come and see for yourself.